Race Guards Volunteer Application

Race Guards is excited to provide you with this online application tool that will be your gateway to manage your Race Guards membership experience.
Important: We require all Race Guards to be CPR, First Aid, and AED certified. Before filling out the application, please have scans or photos of your current certifications and your driver's license available for upload (.pdf, .gif, .png or .jpg format required).
If you do not hold current certifications, please email us at info@raceguards.org and we will quickly arrange for you to attend one of our training courses.

Driver's License information will only be used for individual background checks
File must be less than 15MB. Only GIF, PNG, PDF, or JPG accepted.

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CPR, First Aid, and AED are required certifications and must be uploaded below. If your certs are contained in one document, we still require you to upload a scan into each required field.

I have my certifications documents ready

Endurance Standards

Let us know about your endurance standards. Include completed running, triathlon, cycling events, etc. Include distances and any special milestones and recognition/awards/honors you have received.

Waiver Form